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the suspension
Method nz
Ts & Cs

You will need to sign a copy of this on the day your course begins as well.

A full copy can be emailed out at your request, please get in touch at;

Suspension Method NZ Waiver

I agree to the following: 

I hereby express and affirmatively state that I wish to participate in The Method NZ’s;
‘The Suspension Method NZ' 

I represent and warrant that I am physically fit and able and have no medical condition that could prevent my full participation in ‘The Suspension Method’ workshop. 

I understand that it is my responsibility to consult with a physician prior to and regarding my participation in any training programme, continuing education and instruction of ‘The Method NZ’. I therefore agree and take further responsibility for any risks, injuries and/or damages, known or unknown that I may incur. 

Please email us with any specific medical conditions and/or history that we, ‘The Method NZ’ should be made aware of prior to your participation in ‘The Suspension Method’ workshop: 

In the case of not being able to complete ‘The Suspension Method’ workshop, I agree that payments are final and no refunds will be given. I can however complete at a later date upon discussion and agreement between the participant and ‘The Method NZ’. Only in the case of Covid-19 restrictions interfering with the above workshop am I entitled to the choice of a full refund.

I understand that upon completing ‘TMNZ The Suspension Method' workshop I will receive a hard copy of ‘The Suspension Method NZ,
Upon attendance of the whole day I will receive 'The Suspensiom Method’ certification.

I am also entitled to earn 10 REP’s CPD (Continuing Professional Development) points if registered with New Zealand Register Exercise Professionals upon completion of ‘The Suspension Method’ workshop.

I will not disclose the manual or training details to any third parties plus any person/s and/or company that may be in direct conflict with ‘The Method NZ’. 

I will uphold the standard of training and teaching given and understand that the contents of ‘TMNZ The Suspension Method' manual and any other ‘The Method NZ’ media remain the intellectual property of ‘The Method NZ’ and as such are subject to copyright.


The suspension Method Waiver

Thanks for submitting!

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